About Wild Beach Dog


A Wild Beach Dog lives life without a leash: it runs free, lays in the sunshine, follows it’s nose, wanders about, and goes with the flow. It’s about trusting your instincts and relying on discovery and spontaneity. It’s about breaking out of your cage and letting yourself get lost in life’s adventure.



Made to inspire, Wild Beach Dog creatively reveals the benefits of escaping your comfort zone and living a purposeful life fueled by passion; the ultimate guide to travel and testing your limits, in big or small ways. I share my experiences through travel tips, inspiration of all kinds, advice from strangers, journal entries, poetry and art.

My name is Emily Rathmanner and I created this blog to help you “Discover Life Outside Your Cage.” I started traveling in August 2014 and currently work as a freelance designer. After a few solo missions and many more talks with strangers, I soon found that traveling wasn’t just about seeing a new place; it’s about discovering who you are, pushing your limits, getting to know how the world works outside your hometown. When I changed my surroundings, I changed myself. I began to appreciate things in a new light.

I’ve discovered the benefits of pushing yourself outside of your limits and I hope Wild Beach Dog will creatively inspire you to do the same. Whether it’s a weekend trip, talking to a stranger in the grocery store line, or taking a year long trip around the world, I invite you to “Discover Life Outside Your Cage” – break out, get lost, take your chances, and go.



Emily Rathmanner

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