Another Goodbye

Unwillingly she asked politely for her keys.
“Silver Honda. The one right there.”
I could see the pain behind her smile.
Her hood was up
to hide her hesitation,
and the weather was acting accordingly.
He stood behind her,
following her
to put some reminders of last night into her trunk.

Neither of them noticed the rain,
they stood in small talk.
A few smiles and gestures,
they seemed uneasy
as they danced in mini steps
around each others uncertainty.

Her head fell in despair.
Maybe embarrassment, maybe hopelessness.
He reached around her,
The tall man held her close.
But not too close.
He stroked her back a few times
pulling back with a quick glance.
She didn’t move as he backed away.

I heard a faint, “Goodbye, see ya,”
as he left into the fog
without looking back.
She started her car,
and immediately,
held her heavy head in her hands.

The rain fell on the window,
so I couldn’t see if she was crying,
but she sat in that little car in silence,
staring out at nothing,

Maybe she was watching for him,
hopeful that every car that turned into the lot
might be him, coming back to comfort her.

He never did.

I wondered their history.
It was obvious there was one,
but I will never know.

Eventually, her tail lights went red.
I guess she had worked up enough courage
to leave it behind.

He wasn’t coming back.
She looked sad,
and the windshield whippers couldn’t whip away her tears.

Finally, she pulled off.
Exited through the entrance
without a care,
and went in the opposite direction
as him.

“A Goodbye Through the Eyes of a Valet Guy”

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