morocco mud house

Inside a Morocco Mud House

Morocco Photo/Video Travel

I stumbled down a dusty hill, down some makeshift stairs, passing dingy surf shops, women in veils sweeping their front steps and a gang of cats on a scavenger hunt for today’s breakfast. Moving slowly, in awe with the…

puerto rico in polaroids

Puerto Rico in Polaroids

Photo/Video Travel United States

For the past three months, I have been living and freelancing from “The Isle of Enchantment” a.k.a. Puerto Rico. The island, known for it’s white sand beaches and coral reefs, is a US territory nestled in the Caribbean right…

how to roadtrip in america

How to Road Trip in America

Photo/Video Travel United States

Everyone loves a road trip. Driving into to unknown with the music turned up and the windows rolled down. It’s a fantastically adventurous (and even cheap) way to cover a large distance in one trip, and all you need is…