How I Afford to Travel the World (& You Can, too!)


Every few months, I receive a message from a friend asking me how I afford to travel. Before I started traveling long term, I didn’t understand either. I thought traveling was expensive: A round trip flight, the hotel room,…

Things To Do in San Sebestian, Spain

9 Things To Do in San Sebastián, Spain

Spain Travel

There’s a reason the lovely city of San Sebastián, Spain was rated the “European Capital of Culture” for 2016. San Sebastián, also known as Donostia by the locals, is a small coastal city framed by mountains and the sea…

10 Travel Quotes to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Inspiration Travel

I’m constantly screenshotting travel quotes and captions from Instagram. This is because it’s not easy to capture the emotions you feel while on the road so I thank the the authors, the poets, the amateurs, and the friends for…

kill time in airport

20 Ways to Kill Time in an Airport


Long layovers and delayed flights can really be a downer, especially when you are waiting to arrive to a new place or return home after a trip. Well don’t fret; there’s plenty of options for you to kill (and…

morocco mud house

Inside a Morocco Mud House

Morocco Photo/Video Travel

I stumbled down a dusty hill, down some makeshift stairs, passing dingy surf shops, women in veils sweeping their front steps and a gang of cats on a scavenger hunt for today’s breakfast. Moving slowly, in awe with the…