Journal Entry Poetry

Thank you, 2016.

Thank you, 2016.

Thank you for awkward transitions and free food. Thank you for the breakdowns; those tears that fell in my driveway…. (I should have never taken that piece of waffle while working at that fucking steak restaurant).

Thank you for a one way ticket to the Caribbean the night before a blizzard. Thank you for my feet. The two little dudes down there who took me to yoga class, to ice cream shops, to my happy place down a path, across a field, and onto the sand.

Thank you for simplicity. For living outdoors under a mosquito net. For candlelit dinners. For my old Spanish neighbor, the one with a fuck load of cats and a wonderful smile. Thank you.

Thank you for rainbows. For turtles. For horses. For lyrics that align with life and live music at the market. Thank you for roommates who bake and cheap coffee with cinnamon. Thank you for perfect dates and cheers-ing beers with my dad.

Thank you for bubble baths; for mountains. Thank you for dance sessions in an empty park with my bestfriend during a gentle snow storm and that old happy man.

Thank you for records spinning. Fur coats. Conversations in bed. Weed chocolate and squirrels. Thank you for squirrels.

Thank you for bad news turned good news, misdiagnosis, my big little brother. I sure do thank you for him.

Thank you for double bike rides in new city streets, a phone without data, cafe con leches, and the world’s best baguettes.

Thank you for grassy knolls and forgotten keys. Thank you for freedom and street art and party shirts. Thank you for the donut man. And my god, thank you for skateboard paths.

2016, I thank you for missed trains (you think I would learn by now) and teaching me another train will always come. Thank you for shitty vans and mattress pads. Thank you for sweet, little dogs. Thank you for man buns.

Thank you for locals, thank you for plazas, thank you for reunions. Thank you for Brazilian musicians and thank you for Australian chefs.

Thank you for the injury that led me to motorcycle rides and hitchhiking with strangers who’s names I can’t pronounce. Thank you for life stories. Thank you for Spain.

2016, thank you for roadtrips and thank you for the Spice Girls. Thank you for Airbnb and little beach towns. Thank you for people who speak multiple languages (I commend and envy you). And oh yeah, I really do thank you for topless beaches.

Thank you for quick decisions. Thank you for realizations. Thank you for those hippies living in the mountain. Thank you for heart break.

I thank you for octopus that live in trees and German ballerinas. I thank you for travel hats and all those interesting (random) connections that will forever reside in my heart.

I thank you for a child’s painting; for family dinners; for witnessing two humans so deep in love.

Thank you, 2016, for warm welcomes and wild camel. Thank you for surf. Thank you for sun. Thank you for teaching me words in a new language. Thank you for broken tile.

Thank you for friends named Fatima and Snoopy and Fluffy. Thank you for wifi passwords and thank you for 10 cent bananas.

Thank you for those rough times and I really thank you for the poor men who smile. Thank you for traditions (I’m sorry about the many sheep I saw die). Thank you for Russians and oasis artists. Thank you for henna tattoos and thank you, thank you, thank you for cities painted blue.

Thank you for sleepovers, for the sunrise, for silent moments spent alone. Thank you for bus rides and thank you for rugs.

Thank you for books bought on the street and thank you for the colors of fall. Thank you for family and thank you for my poor mom who worries because she loves me so much. Thank you, Mom.

I thank you for robes, for face paint, for reoccurring playlists and destination dates. Thank you for joint meals. Thank you for all the incredible humans and all the beautiful nights spent under the stars. Thank you for metal detectors.

Thank you for turkey. Thank you for comfort and a big thank you for my 4 legged best friend named Dewey (he really is my favorite).

Thank you for friends in love and long phone conversations. Thank you for farmers markets and free samples. Thank you for putting me on halt. Thank you for automated grocery store carts with orange little flags.

Thank you for a planes ability to take me somewhere new. Thank you for opportunities. Thank you for my good upbringing and lovely home. Thank you for my family all over this wild world.

I thank you for laughter. I thank you for tears. I thank you for passion and wonder and feeling apart of natures great powers. Thank you for simultaneously feeling more powerful and more helpless than ever before. Thank you for this moment here.

Thank you, 2016, for shaking me up. Thank you for your many tests (I sure do hope I passed).

I really do thank you.

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